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Names ,  Social security Number and date of birth of each dependent.

Child care provider name, address and tax I..D. or social security Number is required to claim credit for dependent care expenses.


· Current W-2 forms

· Unemployment compensation:  Forms 1099-G

· Miscellaneous income including rent: Forms 1099-MISC

· Partnership, S Corporation, & trust income:        Sch. K-1

· Pension and annuities: Forms 1099-R

· Social Security benefits: Forms RRB-1099

· Alimony  received ,  Jury duty pay

· Gambling and lottery winning


· Mortgage interest statement. (1098S)

· Real estate tax paid

· Moving expenses

· Gift to charity (cash, or any other type of donations)

· Medical & dental expensesl.

· Job-related educational expenses.

· Child care expenses.

· Unreimbersed expense related to your job (travel ex., uniforms, union dues, subscriptions etc.)

· Settlement papers if you purchased, sold or refinanced your house.

· Tuition payment records to claiming tuition tax credit.

· IRA contribution, if any.

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